Facts About Education in Indonesia

  • Students in Indonesia are the happiest in the whole world

In a recent 2015 reliable study conducted by the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA), it came out clear that more than 90% of both public and private school children in Indonesia record contended results in education. It means that unlike the social cases like bullying and tendencies of unruly behavior in other schools, Indonesian students are generally happy. The irony, however, is that while these students are happy, their academic prowess does not reflect their happiness. As far as their psychological state goes, Indonesian students are happy.


  • The use of Computer Based Tests in National Exams


It is only in Indonesia where the fight against cheating has gone to a whole new level of creativity. In 2015 again, the education system in Indonesia implemented a new strategy to combat cheating cases by introducing the Computer Based Test. In light of this, the test had the cardinal objective of asking different students varying questions but, which relate to the same concept and are equally hard. This way, it was not likely for students to ask around for answers or cheat in one way or the other because each question had a strict time limit.


  • In the growth and development of education, Indonesia is at position 69 out of 127 nations


According to an analysis done by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Indonesia occupies position 69 out of a total of 127 educational nations in the whole world. Furthermore, the research indicates that the core reason behind this drastic fall in the education sector is the massive school dropouts cases that have been recorded over the last decade. The current economic status of Indonesia is the epicenter of the rising issues of children missing classes.


  • Science is the ultimate objective


In Indonesia, the education system pushes for understanding the science of the subject as opposed to the skill. It is worth noting, however, that most of the subjects offered and, it is evident that certain students prefer studying art than complex sciences like Chemistry. While this might qualify for an ideal area of debate, there is no denying that the growth and development of Science Technology in Indonesia has been improving by the passage of every second. Additionally, the ability of students to choose from a wide variety of Sciences that they would like to pursue might be the reason for the constant happiness.


  • Extra-curricular activities are mandatory in all Indonesian schools


It is compulsory for all public and private schools in Indonesia to have extra lessons. Other than the usual morning classes, extra activities to ease the minds of the student are crucial in helping them master all the units of each course. The reason all of these activities are vital is because they boost the cognitive, physical and psychological state of all learners as well as their teachers. Research proves that learning in such environments is bound to be more productive as opposed to a routine where the students have no time to ease and release their stress levels. Find our more on what diseases can be prevented with exercise